Quick guide to choosing a CFD or spread betting provider

The forex market is the largest most liquid market in the world, one of the reasons for this lies in its broad appeal and the number and diversity of participants it attracts; from the world’s heavyweight commercial banks, hedge fund managers, right down to the individual.

With CFD trading and forex spread betting – just two ways to take a position on the forex markets – becoming increasingly popular among individual investors it’s important to choose the right provider for you.

While it’s good to ensure that the provider’s margins and spreads are competitive, it’s not the be all and end all.

The trading platform you’ll be using is very important. You’ve got to find one that you’re comfortable with and one that’s going to provide precision trading and not crash frequently. Platforms might look similar at first glance but the core technology behind them will be dissimilar.

To be make a career out of trading forex you’ll have always strive to become a better trader and that’s why it’s a good idea to find a provider that will help you become a better trader.

Look for online seminars, expert market analysis and professional charting software.

A good place to start looking at spread betting companies is with the UK’s oldest spread betting firm IG Index. Find them at www.igindex.co.uk.

Both spread betting and CFD trading can result in losses as well as profits so make sure you understand the risks involved.